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Computermuseum: Intel iPSC 2

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Intel iPSC/2 (Rubik)

picture Intel iPSC/2 rubik

This machine was the first parallel computer of this type installed in Europe. The Intel iPSC/2 used a Unix system as frontend (System Resource Manager). This SRM did manage the parallel system and did connect to the departemental network. The table below only contains information about the parallel machine.

processorIntel 80386/80387 (16MHz)
number of processors16
intern real memory64 Mbyte: 4 Mbyte per processor
topology4-dimensional hypercube
interconnection Direct Connect Module (DCM) with 8 full-duplex serial channels (2.8Mbyte/s) per processor. Chaneel 0 to 6 are used to connect to the neighbor processors.
OSNode Executive (NX/2), a restricted OS with support for multitasking and communication.
date of purchase1987
used until1993
Price 7.826.774 BEF

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