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Computer museum: Teletype ASR33

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Teletype ASR33

picture teletype

The Teletype was used as the console of the first computer of the department.

This device is largely mechanical driven by a motor and steered by relays.
It implements four different devices:

  1. a printing on paper device (only capitals)
  2. a keyboard
  3. a punched tape reader
  4. a tape puncher

The Teletype was coupled to the Varian by a 60 milliampere current loop, it operated on 110 baud.

This device was also used with the first Unix systems. This has left traces even in today's Unices :

The motor of the teletype drives the device by a worm-gearing. This coupling did wear out regularly. Then the electronic computer Varian could not be started due to a mechanical problem...

Ebay recently (dec/2/2003) offered a teletype for sale, do not forget to read about Bill Gates early use of teletypes.

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